As queer as a two dollar bill?

Apparently, some Best Buy employees are unfamiliar with two dollar bills and thus had one of their customers arrested for paying with a stack of $2 bills. They're perfectly legal tender and while uncommon, they don't automatically indicate that you're receiving counterfit money. Best Buy is referred to as Worst Buy for numerous reasons - I'm glad that there's an Alternate Electronics Superstore that I can make my purchases at :)


actually in the 1800's when

actually in the 1800's when banks issued thier own money, a $3 dollar bill was quite common. The Republic of Texas even printed one in 1841.

Actually - a $3 was printed

Actually - a $3 was printed at one time. It was done to promote giving money at Christmas as a gift. It's red and has Santa's pic on it.

I think there are two

I think there are two different expressions being confused here...

"Queer as a $2 dollar bill" and "Phony as a $3 dollar bill"

Since a $2 bill really DOES exist, but is rare/unusual/awkward it is dubbed as "queer", but since a $3 bill DOES NOT exist, any $3 bill would have to be fake/phony.


There was a three dollar

There was a three dollar coin. Three dollar bills can be found in play money--Clinton/white
house and Nixon/Watergate. So, something that doesn't exist--you can always make it up and
then it exists.

I totally agree. Something

I totally agree. Something can't be queer if it doesn't exist. We are having the same
debate at my job.

This comment is actually in

This comment is actually in reference to your title "queer as a two dollar bill". I am having a friendly debate that must be settled and I am seeking evidence to support my argument that; the expression is queer as a two dollar bill, because in order for something to be queer it has to exist. My adversary in the debate says the expression is queer as a three dollar bill. How can something be rare or queer and nonexistent as well? Stupid thing to waste time over but thats all I a currently unemployed beach goer has to worry about lol. Back me up on this if you care to waste time. lol