Happy FRYday!

Today's the official Grand Opening of the Fry's Electronics store in Fishers. They're having a Grand Opening 1-Day Sale and I've gone over their 8 page ad from today's paper and have found quite a few items I'd like to get. Dan and I are heading up to Fry's after work today (a joint FRYday celebration :) ) - hopefully some of the things on my list are still available. I should have gone right at the opening :)

On a side note, our blog is apparently one of the definitive guides for Fry's information (at least for the Fishers store) - we're on the front page for a Google search for fry's electronics fishers.

Screenshot for posterity: - Your source for Fry's Information! Click for larger version

As queer as a two dollar bill?

Apparently, some Best Buy employees are unfamiliar with two dollar bills and thus had one of their customers arrested for paying with a stack of $2 bills. They're perfectly legal tender and while uncommon, they don't automatically indicate that you're receiving counterfit money. Best Buy is referred to as Worst Buy for numerous reasons - I'm glad that there's an Alternate Electronics Superstore that I can make my purchases at :)


Google has some of the coolest technology. I wonder how far googling for "where are my keys" becomes a reality :)

GoogleBar Click for larger version

Comic courtesy of es.comp.os.linux.* under a Creative Commons license.

Oh yes it’s Fryday night Oh what a night

Yesterday, Dan told me that the Fry's Electronics store in Fishers was open and of course I had to go check it out.

I went up there yesterday after work and spent almost 2 hours wandering around (there's at least 150,000 square feet of store to wander through) and made a small purchase (USB 2.0 multi card reader). Unlike most of the other Fry's stores (I've been to the one in Anaheim, CA and have heard about some of the other locations), the Fishers store doesn't seem to have a theme. The Anaheim store has a space theme and has space shuttle mockups at the front of the store.

Apparently yesterday's opening was a soft opening, hence the lack of fan fare. The official grand opening is Friday, April 8, 2005. I'll be up in Fishers this evening for the CINLUG meeting and might stop by Fry's again before the meeting (I'm done with class at 5:20 downtown and the meeting doesn't start until 7:00 so I might as well go to Fry's). I'll definitely go back on Friday for the official grand opening (there should be sales associated with the official opening). Dan and some other people I've talked to are wondering if Fry's will suffer the same fate as Incredible Universe and AutoNation USA due to the relatively poor location of the building Fry's occupies. I don't have any problem getting there since I know where it is (we got our dining room table there when it was a temporary Kittle's outlet store) but I guess time will tell. It sure is great to have a Fry's locally :)

Big C Cola

A guy at work was joking around, saying Big C cola was like a more generic Big K (the Kroger store brand). I Googled for a bit and found a real Big C cola - apparently made by some South African company. Maybe I should ask Helen to bring me back some :)

Welcome to Fishers, Indiana in beautiful Southern California!

While anxiously awaiting the opening of the new Fry's Electronics store in Fishers, I checked their website to see if they added the Fishers store yet. They have added the Fishers store to their site but the map looks suspiciously like the map to the Anaheim, CA store.

I'm sure they'll update their website sometime, so I took some screenshots for posterity:

Map to Anaheim, CA store

Map to Fishers, IN store

…and we top it off with a fried egg

We call it the "Good Morning Burger"

BurgerKing's New Sandwich: Dare You to Eat It!

Attention food police: Set your sirens and flashing lights on Burger King. The home of the Whopper has introduced the Enormous Omelet Sandwich, a concoction of one sausage patty, two eggs, two American cheese slices, three strips of bacon nestled on a giant bun. So before you even get to work, you can start your day with 730 calories, a whopping 47 grams of fat, 415 mg of cholesterol, and 1,860
mg of sodium. All for $2.99. (In case you're keeping track, it has more calories than the Whopper, which checks in at 700.)

Moving to the country….

Our neighbors have done it again; it is early Saturday morning, so of course there is a giant chipper truck right outside our bedroom window. Why is it that they ALWAYS seem to have these services as early as possible on the weekend? Michael and I both have to get up so early during the week that we look forward to Saturday, our one day to sleep in. Ugh, I can just imagine the conversation to set up the appointment:

Neighbors: "I need a huge chipper truck please."
Chipper man: "No problem, I have several appointments throughout the week and one ass early on Saturday morning."
Neighbors: "We will take the ass early Saturday morning appointment please, even though we are home throughout the week and have no prior commitments; we should do it Saturday morning when all our neighbors are trying to sleep!"

Über l33t

We have an IRC channel on FreeNode that we use at work for chatting amongst ourselves.

I was playing around with raw IRC (connecting via telnet to port 6667 of the IRC server - i.e. without an IRC client)

once you connect, you have to type:

user name name name name


nick yournick

To send a message to a channel, you have to type

PRIVMSG #channel_name :your message

To send an action ("/me does something" in a client), type:

PRIVMSG #channel_name :^AACTION does something^A

Quit messages are done with

Back to the old skin

Since the bulletin board skin doesn't work right in IE and I haven't fixed it yet, I've switched back to the skin we've had for *ever* :)

I'll try to fix the bulletin board skin - it is interesting.

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